Family Movie Review: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Family Movie Review: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a funny movie but it is rated PG-13 so you might not want to share this one with your children under 13. Because it was made by Mel Brooks, expect some profanity, racial jokes, and adult situations. Now on to the review.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights
PG-13Comedy, Romance19931h 45m
Director: Mel Brooks
Writers: J.D. Shapiro, Evan Chandler
Stars: Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Roger Rees

The Story Line

Robin of Locksley is known as the best archer in the land and has just returned to England after fighting in the Holy Crusades. Robin finds that much of what he knew of England has gone to ruin, including his longtime family home having been taken away.

The evil Prince John, Richard’s brother, has assumed the throne in Richard’s absence. The neurotic John is basically being controlled by the equally evil Sheriff of Rottingham. Everything they do is to fatten their own coffers at the expense of the commoners and peasants.

Robin recruits a band of merry men to help him battle Prince John and the Sheriff. His band of mary men include; Blinkin, his blind longtime servant; Ahchoo, the misguided son of Asneeze, the man who helped him escape from prison while fighting in the Crusades; Little John, who seems to think that being called Little is only coincidental to the fact of he being a hulking man; and Little John’s friend, Will Scarlet O’Hara, a master with daggers.

Robin falls in love at first sight with Marian of Bagatelle, a maid of the court. Marian is looking for the man who has the figurative and literal key to unlock her heart (and private parts). The Sheriff has his own eyes on Marian, he who in turn is the object of desire of Latrine, a powerful hag of a sorceress of the court. Robin, and the Sheriff, in particular, have a fight to the death mentality to achieve their end goals, which for both are the protection of the throne for their trusted royal, and the heart and cherry of Maid Marian.

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