Metal Wall Flower

Metal Wall Flower

Whether you are looking for a simple and easy project to make for that space on your wall you are looking to fill or a different and unique hanging Metal Wall Flower wreath to hang on your front door then this is the project for you. The materials or this craft can all be purchased at the dollar store and all for under $10.00. There is a variety of colors and styles you can do with this project. These flowers are unique and bring such a cute appearance to wherever they are hanging.

Materials Needed for Metal Wall Flower
Materials Needed for Metal Wall Flower

Materials Needed:

  • Aluminum Cookie sheets (minimum of 8 sheets)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Cardboard or Construction Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Foam Poster Board (optional)

Time needed: 2 hours.

Metal Wall Flowers

  1. Step One:

    With your cardboard or construction paper draw 2 different size petals and cut the petals out. Now with a sharpie trace the outline of your petals onto the aluminum cookie sheet. I used 9 large petals and 5 small petals. You can use as man petals as you would like. The more petals you use the fuller your flower will appear. Make sure to utilize as much of the cookie sheet as possible. After you have all the petals you are needing, use a cup or round coaster trace around the circle onto the cookie sheet. This will be the center of your flower.

  2. Step Two:

    Choose what colors you are using for your petals and the center of your flower and paint everything your desired color. Now set to the side to dry.

  3. Step Three:

    Next either with cardboard or a foam poster board, draw a circle and cut it out. This will be what you use to glue your petals and centerpiece to. Once everything is dry using your hot glue gun, glue your large petals to your circle first. After they are all secure you will glue your smaller petals to your circle and then lastly your center will be glued down. After all your pieces are secured you can bend the petals upward to give it a fuller appearance.

Metal Wall Flower
Metal Wall Flower

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