The Amazing Hazel Buckham

The Amazing Hazel Buckham

Hazel Buckham (1888–1959)
Born: December 27, 1888, in Minnesota, USA
Died: September 4, 1959 (age 70) in Los Angeles, California, USA

I could not find any existing movies with Hazel Buckham for this review but here is what I did find. Hazel was born on December 27, 1888, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was the only child of Adam and Ida Buckham. Her father was an electrician who had emigrated from Canada at an early age. He married Ida Cummins, a native of New York, in 1886 and by 1910. The two along with their daughter had relocated to Los Angeles.

She began her acting career with the Ferris Stock Company in road productions that toured the American East Coast. While engaged at New York’s Morosco Theatre in 1912, Buckham was recruited by Biograph Studios to appear in films. She would go on to play in nearly forty motion pictures over the following few years.

She was the wife of actor Joe King and the mother of Joleen King (1914-1984); an actress who appeared in a handful of movies between 1939 and 1950. Hazel Buckham left acting not long after the birth of her daughter. She remained in Los Angeles where she died on September 4, 1959, at the age of 70.

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