DIY Suncatcher Mobile

DIY Suncatcher Mobile

If you are looking for a fun project to do with your kids this Suncatcher Mobile is the craft for you. My kids loved making this mobile. The different colors the pony beads formed are amazing and really caught the eye. We painted the top with a glossy red which made it really pop in the light. It is a craft that can be done on a small budget and the kids seem to love the idea.

Materials Needed:

  • Wire Basket
  • Spray Paint
  • Pony Beads
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Fishing line wire
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Dremel (optional)

Time needed: 2 hours.

DIY Suncatcher Mobile

  1. Step One:

    Spray paint your wire basket. I used a glossy red spray paint to help make my mobile stand out with the hanging sun catchers.

  2. Step Two:

    Lay your cookie cutters out on a baking sheet and pour your pony beads into each cookie cutter. I poured enough beads to fill the bottom of the cookie cutter.

  3. Step Three:

    Bake your pony beads in the over at 400 degrees for 20 to 30 mins or until completely melted.
    Note: If you are melting your pony beads in the oven in your home remember to open all windows and doors to help air out the fumes of the plastic.

  4. Step Four:

    Once your pony beads are completely melted, remove them from the oven and allow them to cool completely. Once they are cooled they are ready to be pop out of the cookie cutters.

  5. Step Five:

    Using a Dremel, sand down the sharp edges of your sun catcher to prevent any cuts or scratches from the plastic.
    Note: This step is optional. If you do not have a Dremel tool you do not have to sand down the sharp edges. Just make sure they are kept away from little ones.

  6. Step Six:

    Drill a hole in each of your sun catchers to allow you to attach your fishing line to them.

  7. Step Seven:

    Once your basket is completely dry attach the fishing line from your sun catchers to your basket on the outside rim. Make sure to space them far enough apart so that they will not get tangled up as they are hanging from your basket.

  8. Step Eight:

    After you have attached all your sun catchers flip your basket over and hang your basket from the ceiling next to the window to allow sunlight to shine on your plastic sun catchers.

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