Brain Teaser: The Open Loop Puzzle

Brain Teaser: The Open Loop Puzzle

You can make this wire puzzle any size you want but for demonstration purposes, we are going to make a 3-inch by 3-inch puzzle. This is one version of the classic ring puzzle project. and we plan to make 4 different versions. The first is the Open Loop Puzzle, the second is the Three-Ring Puzzle, the third is the Butterfly Loop Puzzle, and the fourth is the Ten-Ring Puzzle.

They are all fun and use the same principle, putting an open-loop onto a closed loop. The puzzle variation will dictate if the key or lock is the open or closed loop. Regardless of how many obstacles the lock may have, one of the loops will always be open In this puzzle the lock is the closed-loop and the key is the open-loop.

  • Open Loop Ring Puzzle Pattern
  • Open Loop Pattern Example

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • 1 solid wire (12 gauge) 17″ inches long
  • 1 solid wire (12 gauge) 14″ inches long
  • Needle nose pliers

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Make a Open Loop Ring Puzzle

  1. The Lock

    • At the end of your 17-inch wire, form a hook where you will tie the lock together when your done shaping the lock.
    •  From the Hook measure 3 inches and make a 90-degree bend to the right.
    •  Measure 3 inches and make another 90-degree bend to the right.
    •  Now we are at the bottom measure 1 inch and bend to the right.
    • Measure 2 inches and bend to the left.
    • Measure 1 inch and bend to the left.
    •  At this point you need to measure another 2 inches and bent to the right again.
    •  Now the wire should be touching the hook you formed at the beginning. Measure 3 inches from the corner and clamp down the original hook. Trim the end and bend the end over and clamp it down. This corner should be at the top of the lock.
    Now your lock is ready.

  2. The Key

    • From the end measure 5 inches and make a large u shaped bend in the wire. It should measure at least 1 inch across.
    • Now measure 3 inches from the u-shaped bed and make a 90-degree bend away from the other wire.
    • Now shape a circle that will wrap around the center wire to make a full circle. Make sure the circle can fit over the center hump in the lock. Bend the end of the wire circle around itself to lock it down and trim the remaining wire.
    Now your key is ready.


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