Hello World! Welcome to Our New Website

Hello World! Welcome to Our Website

Hello World! Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the Red Wagon Craft Company. We are so excited to unveil our brand new website! We’ve made it easier for you to learn how to make many home decor and crafts. We are a “How To” or “DIY” website that will help teach you how to do it yourself. On this website, you will find directions to make crafts, home decor, big projects like camper restoration, recipes, and product reviews.

Website Organization

This website was designed with 4 main sections, the DIY Library, Recipes, Product Reviews and our Shopping Catalog.

The DIY Library has 6 categories; Home & Living | Youth Crafts | Outdoor Crafts | Holiday Crafts | Crafts on a Budget | Restoration Projects.

The Recipe section has 6 categories; Main Course | Side Dishes | Snacks & Desserts | Just for Kids | Holiday Food | Nan’s Country Cookbook. Nan’s Country Cookbook was made by my grandmother. She gave it to my mother who gave me a copy and I will give my daughter. The cookbook is on its third generation now and I want to share it with you also.

Our Shopping Catalog exists primarily because we have the technology to do it. We offer different crafts from time to time on it and other unique items we find in our travels. Our catalog has 6 categories; Cool Collectibles | Clothing | Home Decor | Outdoor Decor | Youth Decor | Holiday Decor.

So take the time and look around.

Contact Red Wagon Craft Company

Got a question on how to do something? Drop us a line and we will try to answer your question.

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