Review Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool

Review Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool

Review Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool

This summer was our second summer putting up our Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool. This year we found there were 3 small pin size holes in the vinyl liner. I was so bummed and was worried that I would have to drain our pool to repair it. However, I purchased this Aqua EZ repair kit.

I was skeptical about it sealing the holes up since I had water in the pool. Two of my holes were at the bottom of the pool and one on the side. I was able to patch all 3 holes underwater. So far it has held up great. The best part was I paid under 6 bucks for the kit. I definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a quick fix at a great cost.

Review Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool
Review Summer Waves® 15ft Quick Set® Ring Pool

Official Product Description

Summer Waves Inflatable Pool, 15′ x 36″ Quick Set Above Ground Swimming Pool:

  • With pool pump
  • Includes a filter cartridge with built-in chlorinator
  • Durable construction
  • Inflatable top-ring design
  • Ready for water in minutes
  • 15′ Summer Waves round inflatable pool measures 36″ in height
  • Comes in blue
  • Recommended to replace the filter cartridge every 2 weeks
  • Above ground swimming pool for homes with seasonal pool needs

How Does the Product Differ From the Competition?

This pool uses an inflatable ring at the top of the pool wall which is smaller than the base of the pool. The ring will float pulling the wall up as the pool fills. This works well as long as the ring does not loose air. Most other above the ground pools use a framing system to hold up the pool walls. There are pros and cons to that system also.

What Are the Product’s Flaws?

The floating ring is the weak point of this pool. We have owned 4 of this type of pool over the past 10 years and they all fail in the same manner. The air ring developed a leak resulting in the pool water spilling out onto the ground. Fortunately, you can find and patch the holes that will occur with a patch kit.

Who Is the Intended Target?

This pool is designed for anyone who has a flat spot to put it. It primarily, like all pools, is intended for children but many adults, including me, enjoy this pool.

Where Can People Purchase the Product?

This pool is becoming hard to find and the price can range between $48.00 on the Walmart website to $800.00 on eBay website.

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