Restoring an Old Office Chair

Restoring an Old Office Chair

Taking something old and restoring it to something new is amazing and very rewarding. I purchased this old office chair for $15.00 and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece. Whether your a beginner or have a more advanced skill set, fixing something that is ready to be retired is exciting in itself. The rose gold on the legs and arms of the chair displays a beautiful appearance and helps to bring out the fluffy pink seat and light grey back. I really hope you enjoy this video of restoring something old.

Time needed: 6 hours

Office Chair Restoration

  1. Disassembly the Chair

    Remove the arms and base from the chair.

  2. Clean and Prep for Painting

    Clean the arms and base with soap and water then cover the wheels with masking tape.

  3. Paint the Chair

    Paint the arms and base with spray paint.

  4. Fabric Removal

    Remove the old fabric from the back and seat of the chair

  5. Disinfecting

    Use a strong disinfectant to decontaminate the cushions

  6. Reupholster

    Using an adhesive spray and a staple gun, reupholster the seat and back of the chair. Different chairs may require different methods.

  7. Reassemble

    Now put the chair back together by screwing on the arms and base of the chair.

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