Recipe for a Happy Life

Recipe for a Happy Life

Recipe for a Happy Life

The recipe for a happy life has many ingredients that must be managed. However, you can break it down into three basic areas. Think of Meaning as the meat, Social Engagement as the potatoes, with Satisfaction as the spice. Note that Satisfaction is not irrelevant. It adds or subtracts from a life full of Meaning and Engagement.

The Meaning of Life

On the biological level, the meaning of life is to reproduce, to reproduce we must eat. That is all fine and well, but as intelligent people, we should not let sex be our guiding light. However, on the eating side, we have plenty of recipes to help you meet that need. The wonderful thing about life is, we get to pick a larger meaning. And to that end, we have a lard library of DIY tutorials and a review section for you.

Social Engagement

How we interact with others and how they interact with us will be a big part of how happy you are. Humans are a social creature and need love and empathy to understand and interact with others.

Satisfaction with Life

Satisfaction with your life can many times hinge on how you view the world you live in. The path you choose will influence the satisfaction you receive from life. The better you understand the environment, the political system you live in, and the social customs and norms of your society, the better you can navigate the obstacles you will encounter on the road of life.

Our Philosophy of a Happy Life

If you strip away the labels and isms and meta tags, what are you left with? Are you strong and free enough as an individual to survive the loss of all those crutches and maintain reason and meaning? Can you use the power of thought and choice to walk the road of life?

The Greeks said know yourself. Be confident in yourself and your own efforts will make a life of happiness. So I say create music that fires the mind and inspires the soul; find greater wisdom through the reflection of work, love, art, ideas, family, and friendship; and to realize a greater philosophy for living in this new century.

Recipe for a Happy Life

Prep Time273 days
Life Time27375 days
Total Time27648 days
Course: Life
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Happyness
Yield: 1 Happy Life
Author: Naomi Kissinger


  • 1 Full Measure Faith in God
  • Cup Freedom
  • 2 Cups Helping Others
  • 4 Tsp Fun
  • 1 Whole Happy Home Naturally Separatred for Individuality
  • 1 Cup Cleanliness Inside and Out
  • 2 Cups Success
  • 2 Tsp Belongings
  • 1 Whole Pitcher Love
  • 1 Large Package Honesty
  • 1 Lbs Understanding for Others
  • 1 Full Measure Forgiveness for All
  • 1 Full Measure Humbleness
  • 1 Generous Supply Work to Reach Our Goal


  • Mix the ingreadents togather as needed to produce a happy life.

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