Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit

Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit

Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit

This summer was our second summer putting up our swimming pool. We used the Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit to patch our Summer Waves 15ft by 36in quick set up swimming pool. After getting the pool set up there were 3 small pin size holes in the vinyl liner. I was so bummed and was worried that I would have to drain our pool to repair it.

We purchased this Aqua EZ repair kit and I was skeptical about it sealing the holes up since I had water in the pool. Two of my holes were at the bottom of the pool and one on the side. I was able to patch all 3 holes underwater. So far it has held up great. The best part was I paid under 6 bucks for the kit. I definitely recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a quick fix at a great cost. 

  • Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit
  • Aqua EZ Pool Vinyl Repair Patch Kit

Official Product Description

  • Vinyl repair patch kit works underwater to repair pool liners, inflatables, and more.
  • Repairs holes and rips to pool liners, inflatables and more
  • Works underwater
  • Includes adhesive, applicator, clear vinyl patch, four easy stick small patches, and one large easy stick patch
  • Easy to use

How Does the Product Differ From the Competition?

Patching kits all work the same using the same principles. What sets this product apart from normal vinyl patching kits is the ability to for the glue to set underwater.

What Are the Product’s Flaws?

The glue drys very fast but that is necessary to seal underwater. So when you put the glue on the patch be ready to move fast.

Who Is the Intended Target?

Anyone with a vinyl above ground pool that has a hole in it.

Where Can People Purchase the Product?

You can find this product in many stores. Lows sells the exact same product for just $4.98. We found this product on Amazon for $16.32. eBay has it listed for $18.98.

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